Eastbourne Ashridge Circle
Founded 1947

About Us

Origin and Foundation

The Circle derives its name and inspiration from Ashridge, the College situated in the historic country mansion in Ashridge Park, near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. The Circle was formed in 1947 by the late Mrs Helen Newman and a small handful of Ashridge students, who met for talks and discussions in her house. On the foundations so enthusiastically and successfully laid by her has been built the present organisation, with a membership of 1,600 individuals.


The objective of the Circle is to promote good citizenship. It is entirely independent and its affairs are managed by a committee elected annually by the members. It has no political affiliations of any kind, neither has it any bias toward any political party or sectional interest.


Lectures, by persons highly qualified in their particular spheres are given during the Winter months. The subjects cover a wide field and are carefully balanced; they include current and World affairs, travel and the Arts.


Please see our meetings page for full details.

Membership and Subscription

Application for membership should be addressed to the Secretary.

The annual subscription is currently £20, commencing in September each year.

Admission to meetings is by production of a non-transferable current Membership Booklet, the issue of which constitutes an acknowledgement of the payment of the subscription. Members are requested, therefore, always to show their Membership Booklet to the Stewards at the entrance to the meeting.